Sismai Vazquez

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Sismai Vazquez

Welcome to the official website of Sismai Vazquez. Since graduating FIU, Sismai Vazquez has excelled in her professional career due to her innate ability to form bonds with her clients.  Vazquez started her own business shortly after obtaining her degree from FIU and has now progressed to take on the challenge of being the Sales Director of North America for a major property tech company.

Sismai Vazquez loves her current role as it allows her to pull from her vast experience across multiple functions including sales, strategy, partnerships, and marketing. As a problem-solver at heart, Sismai Vazquez loves to get to know the pain points of her partners and help them create custom solutions that address the issues head on. Sismai Vazquez believes you can’t be great in the sales industry without having the ability to form bonds with clients. With a true passion to help her clients succeed, Sismai R. Vazquez is proud to work for an organization that provides technology that streamlines processes and amplifies efficiency and profits for those in the world of real estate management.

Get to know the specialties of Sismai Vazquez:

  • Strong Financial Acumen
  • Exceptional Negotiating Skills
  • Ability to Create Lasting Business Relationships
  • Team Builder
  • Motivator
  • Exceptional Leadership
  • Phenomenal Closer

Having sold products and services in various industries, Sismai Vazquez understands that no client wishes to be sold to and promptly disregarded. Ensuring that clients feel supported and that a working relationship is being properly maintained is immensely important in a world where there are many options for professional service providers to choose from.

Sismai Vazquez realizes that, now more than ever, there is a need for professionals to act as a resource for individuals that are experiencing issues in this challenging time for businesses across the board. To this point, this website will serve as an outlet for Vazquez to regularly provide updates on her blog with helpful tips that can help businesses within the real estate management industry.  Future posts will include deep dives into the latest innovations in SaaS development to leadership tips for aspiring managers. Sismai Vazquez encourages readers to check back often for the latest tips and tricks.

The site will also provide an opportunity for Sismai Vazquez to discuss some of the other passions in her life. For example, when she is not working hard to deliver solutions to the problems of her clients, Vazquez can often be found hiking out in nature. Hiking as a source of exercise ensures that she prioritizes physical fitness, which helps her keep a clear mind in her free time. Vazquez also cherishes time spent with her family where they enjoy cooking and gathering ‘round the table. Sismai notes that her hobbies and time with loved ones help her recharge, and she considers winding down to be an important part of a professional’s life.

Thank you for visiting the official website of Sismai Vazquez, be sure to check back soon for the latest blog posts and sales insights!